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Modern Apprenticeship

A modern apprenticeship is a great way to start a career in the field you want to work in or further develop your existing skills in any area of ​​your job. Plus, you’ll get firsthand experience of how the industry works as you earn in process.

Why an apprenticeship?
You will have the opportunity to continue your education while living in a professional environment and gaining valuable work experience. Not only that, but you also have the opportunity to earn money while learning from industry experts.
An apprentice will have the opportunity to work closely with experienced professionals in the field, who can provide guidance and feedback on their work.
Being an S1 apprentice can provide access to a network of professionals in the field, which can be beneficial for future job opportunities.
On-the-job training
As an S1 apprentice, you will receive hands-on experience in the field of digital marketing, which can be valuable in developing the skills and knowledge needed for a career in this field.
Earning while learning
An S1 apprentice can receive a full salary or half salary based on the apprentiship level while gaining valuable experience and skills.
To help you unlock your potential and build your skills and expertise

Become an S1 Apprentice

Perhaps the most important benefit of becoming an S1 Apprentice is working with experienced colleagues who can lead you to a successful career—helping you improve performance and productivity and be more competitive.

Provide learners with the best possible level of teaching, learning, assessment and information, advice and guidance to enable them to achieve their goals and exceed their expectations.
We actively encourage creativity through individuality and continue to strive to be the best.

The S1 Digital Apprentice program’s main objective is to bridge the gap between education and industry needs by providing apprentices with the opportunity to gain real-world experience while working with experienced professionals in the field.

a strong partnership with employers, by understanding their needs and providing them with well-trained and motivated apprentices.
Continuous improvement
S1 should continuously evaluate and improve their training and mentorship program to ensure that it meets the ever-changing industry standards and apprentices' needs

S1 Digital Marketing Apprentice’s mission is to provide valuable training and mentorship to apprentices, while also providing placement services to connect apprentices with employers in the digital marketing industry, and ensuring that apprenticeship programs comply with regulations.

Developing skills
Opportunity to learn and apply digital marketing skills in a real-world setting while working on the employer's projects and campaigns.
to be a leading provider of digital marketing apprenticeships and its goal of empowering the next generation of digital marketing professionals.

S1 Apprentice Roles

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a fast-paced, constantly changing career field offering an array of job opportunities. Digital skills are in demand and as the skills gap widens, digital jobs are booming as more organizations focus on digital marketing than ever before.

Human Resources

In this highly diverse and multi-faceted pathway, you’ll be responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing, and placing workers. You may also be involved in coordinating the administrative functions of an organization as well as keeping management up to date with changes in the workplace.

Accounting & Finance

In accounting and finance, you will gain valuable, real-life experience which can make you more employable compared to other entry pathways. There is a vast range of career options in accounting and finance, from data analysts and accountants to bankers, insurance brokers, financial planners, and finance directors.

Virtual Assitance

Ideal for VAs looking to perfect their craft, those interested in being their boss and making more money, individuals wishing to become a S1 Apprentice VAs will equip you with the most relevant skill set that today’s job market is looking for.   A career pathway where individuals can earn and learn at the same time.

Marketing & Sales

Marketing and sales S1 Apprentice help businesses find new customers and sell their products or services, which means an apprenticeship in this industry offers many exciting and varied career pathways. You’ll be well positioned to witness new developments first-hand, such as the rapid explosion of digital marketing, allowing you to develop valuable skills which will be in demand in the future.

Customer Service

Customer service is at the heart of most business activities with skills relevant to various job roles and sectors. Our Customer Service S1 Apprenticeship is ideal for you if you want to work in a role where you need to provide a continually improving service to customers or are already working in this area. It will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to deliver high-quality customer service practice and improve the experience, retention, and loyalty of your customers.

IT, Software & Web Development

As technology’s role in daily life continues to grow, so too does the requirement for individuals with the right skills and qualities who can facilitate this growth. Whether you’re coding in the front or back-end, our Software and Web Development S1 Apprenticeship program is tailored to suit you and meet the needs of changing technologies and aims to provide you with the tools and techniques required to make your mark.

Design & Graphics

Involves gaining experience as a graphic designer by training alongside professional designers. You will get to grips with digital technology to design web banners, graphics for social media, and illustrations. You will gain an insight into the production process of a graphic design agency, and see how to interact with clients. You’ll also be working alongside a designer or design team so you’ll also develop crucial employability skills

Business Management

Good management practices which play an essential role in the workplace are a vital component of all organizations from team leaders to senior directors. Managers and leaders require special skills to lead a team effectively and help maintain performance and productivity. If you are hoping to move into a management role or looking to improve your existing leadership skills and knowledge, our Management Modern Apprenticeship provides the necessary skills and knowledge you need to lead high-performing teams.

Your future is important to us and we’re here to help you make the right choices before, during and after your S1 Apprenticeship.

How can S1 Digital Marketing
help start your career

Reach Us
Perhaps the most important step in the entire process is reaching or contact us. You can do this by applying to one of our vacancies, or you can submit your resume for our review. Launch your career with us. Submit your information and we will contact you.
Skills and Job Assestment
Now that you have made the decision of contacting us, it is time for you to attend one of our Skills and Job assessment sessions. These sessions will give you the opportunity to meet some of the S1 Apprentice, learn more about the apprenticeship you have applied for, as well as test some of your digital skills.
Following your evaluation sessions, our team normally puts a lot of effort into matching your CV with the ideal job. You will be asked to take part in an interview with the company after we have matched you with an employer. This is their time to get to know you better, learn more about you, and perhaps finish a particular task.
Start Your Career
Congrats! You have been offered (and accepted) a new position; It's time to start your career and begin your professional training with S1 Digital Apprentice!
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